Obsolete Technology Series Cards

Boxed Set of Eight Cards Boxed Set of Eight Cards

Eight cards, two each of four favorite designs, with matching envelopes in a Kraft paper box, gread for gifting!

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Bright Idea Bright Idea

From the Obsolete Technology series, an old fashioned light source.

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Flash from the Past Flash from the Past

An image of the retina-searing Brownie camera of my childhood.

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Here for You Here for You

Another piece of obsolete technology, the hot water bottle is there to offer comfort when everyone else forsakes you.

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It's For You It's For You

Rotary phones have gone the way of the dodo, but someone is on the line in this card.

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Making an Impression Making an Impression

This vintage typewriter certainly makes a statement.

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Mix Tape Mix Tape

You haven't lived until you've wound one of these up with a pencil.

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Oy Oy

An ice pack for today's headache.

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What Goes Around What Goes Around

You know what they say!

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